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About Dean

Dean Bullock was born in 1918 and passed away in January of 2014.

“Deano” as everyone knew him, served in WWII and Korea.

He was an amateur photographer, but he never put down the camera. Deano was a world traveler and a family man.

He was married with three daughters. He has 17 grand-children, 47 great grand-children and 6 great great grand-children.

About the Photographs

My name is Matt. I’m a photographer based out of Salt Lake City, Utah.

I am so very fortunate to have the honor of scanning and archiving all of my grandfather’s negatives, slides, polaroids and prints.

My journey all started a few years ago when I found a stack of 8×10 prints buried in the basement of my Grandfather’s house. Being a photographer myself, I was immediately drawn to them, and realized that he had something special, a talent and eye for photographing that I could only dream of having someday. I took the prints home and scanned them, for the sole purpose of preserving them for our family. Not too long afterwards, my grandfather, Dean expressed his desire for me to have all of his photography equipment. I knew he had a lot as he was a pack-rat and kept everything he ever owned. At some point we decided that I would also be getting his photographs so that I could preserve them as I had with the first few that I had seen. That was fine with me, it would be exciting and an honor to do so.

After looking through his photographs, slides and negatives, I began to realize that people other than family would be interested in seeing Dean’s work. It would be a shame for his work to go unnoticed to anyone other than family. I decided I would create a book of his images, which would be a tremendous amount of work, but definitely worth the effort. I was inspired, and still am, by the work of Vivian Maier and the notoriety that the project surrounding her work received through Kickstarter.

I thought I would give that a go… so, I launched a Kickstarter project.

The first couple of days of the project saw steady growth. After a week I had reached $1700 pledged, which was a good start toward the $8000 goal. Kickstarter featured the project in their newsletter and in one day the amount pledged shot up to over $6000. I am very grateful to all of the people who believe in the project and are willing to help out.

I am really looking forward to diving in and seeing the rest of his work. I hope that those who see his work will appreciate it as well.

Thank you for looking, and hopefully, understanding what a great honor it is that I have to work with these images, not just because of the quality, but because it is my heritage.

Matt McDaniel

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